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Due to the pandemic, everything is now done online. From classes to meetings to shopping, etc. A lot of us look for something that eases our mental health and something that can help us earn more. Yes, it’s cooking. Cooking is a vital ingredient when it comes to survival, and one of the essential things that one person should learn. Cooking can engage all the senses of a person, and it is a way of nurturing the mind.

Just a little backstory, Tina and I have been a fan of food tours and cooking tours. We usually sign up for one in every country we’ve traveled, but because of the pandemic, we (well more like I ) were forced to learn how to cook. I, personally, loved vegan food and while browsing at home, I came across LocalBites.


A community like LocalBites lets you share your love and passion for cooking all across the world. Its members can attend or host online cooking classes via Zoom and/or Google Meet or in person and not only that; you can learn an extensive variety of cuisines from across the globe at the comfort of your own home. How amazing is that?

They provide affordable and practical online cooking classes to all cooking levels, diet conditions, and ethnicity backgrounds. People who host a cooking class are professional chefs and food enthusiasts so definitely you can learn a lot from them. I love this community already!


Tina and I signed up under Vegan Chef Tamara, and she specializes in Vegan dishes and beverages. We both knew that people now are shifting into plant-based dishes, so I think this was a good start for us.

Chef Tamara has her garden, and she grew parsley, lime, cilantro, tomatoes and more in it. We too started gardening during this pandemic ( I think it’s become a trend). It’s an advantage having your garden and planting your vegetables and herbs since it’s more nutritious and it gives you this kind of pleasure seeing your plants grow.

The dish that Chef Tamara taught us is Vegan Lettuce Tacos. This dish is perfect for those who have a vegetable garden since you can pick any kind of vegetable you want and turn it into a delicious and nutritious meal. As Tamara puts it, tacos are all about the layers of flavors.

Chef Tamara showed us how she made her vegan tacos and how she prepared each ingredient. Likewise, she explained that CHICKPEAS is the “meat” or the best part of the taco, so she reminded us to season it as we desired. She taught us to put honey on the chickpeas ( this was new for us but it was delicious) *chef’s kiss*. She emphasized how the Chickpeas is the make or break, this can determine if you’re tacos would be good or not 😉

In our online culinary class, she taught us to put honey, turmeric, and ginger in our tacos. Honestly, if you’re with me in our kitchen, you can smell the richness of the meal that we’re making. Tina even cooked alongside her, and it’s amazing and fun learning the recipe of Chef Tamara.

She has another dish which is Stir Fry, and I bet it tastes so good too. Chef Tamara guides us thoroughly in making our Vegan Tacos, and I wonder, what if we were with her in the same kitchen? I bet we can learn a ton of cooking tips and skills from her! At the end of the lesson, I wanted to try the tacos she made ( but of course, that’s quite hard given it’s a virtual class)

Chef Tamara is a sweetheart and Tina, and I love how patient she is. She even honored us with a warm welcome. She was also always willing to give suggestions, especially since we may or may not have the ingredients she used, so she was very verbal on what possible replacements we could use into our dish. She also reached out to us ahead of time to check if we had allergies and whatnot. We had fun cooking with her, and we highly recommend Chef Tamara if you want to know how to cook vegan foods and beverages 😀


LocalBites is a community that brings different people together who share the same affection about food, and it’s remarkable how each and every one exchange ideas about different cuisines. Signing up with them is a wise decision for me since I love traveling and I love eating and trying different cuisines. But pandemic happened; I was stuck at home, and I suddenly needed to pull my weight and do some chores such as cooking.

LocalBites is perfect for people who are now learning how to cook or how to prepare their vegan, keto, or paleo meals. This community has a wide range of meals, so be sure to check their website here.

Lucky for me, I found LocalBites. This community gave me ideas of quick to prepare a nutritious meal like Vegan Tacos. It is the best online cooking class for home cooks, those learning how to cook or those trying out a new way of eating ( paleo, keto, vegan). Signing up for LocalBites online cooking class is a perfect way to up your game in the kitchen.

For all people outside the US, all the class prices in LocalBites are in USD currently. However, they accept all credit cards, and if you’re hosting some classes, all the bank accounts in the following countries are supported: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

Another thing, we’re so glad that we signed up under Chef Tamara. I love how hands-on and how professional she is while teaching us.

Those Vegan Tacos that Tina made tastes like the regular tacos but healthier. I was surprised she even made that. The meal had the right balance of flavors, and it makes every bite warm and delightful. If only I could make love with that taco, I would.

If you want to sign up under Chef Tamara’s class, go to this link and book a class from her. I swear you’ll be not disappointed since she’s an amazing cook and always on-time. Now that’s 5-star service. 😉

LocalBites is a new normal for those people who are earning using their cooking skills. One thing I love about this is how accessible it is to learn new recipes of different cuisines.

Discovering new dishes has been made easy, thanks to LocalBites.

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